Guitar Speed Trainer - SPECIAL -

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  • Extremely compact and can be taken with you anywhere!
  • 6 real frets and real strings
  • String tightness easily adjustable
  • Durable protective shell for travel
  • Ergonomic design to let you train comfortably
  • Hassle-free guitar practice anywhere!


The secret to mastering the guitar is, you guess it, frequent practice! The problem is, for most of us, it's not practical to have a guitar handy all the time. And also, sometimes you just need to practice quietly without drawing attention. Next time you sit on a bus, have a 15 minute break from work or study, or simply don't want to wake people up, pull this pocket trainer out and practice. You'll be surprised how much quicker you progress by being able to squeeze in these practice sessions any time you want!


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Below are some examples of exercises that you could practice with this tool. PLEASE NOTE: This is a practice tool and does not create any sound.