Golf Cell Phone Clip Holder and Training Aid to Video Record Swing

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  • 🏌#1 SECRET TO IMPROVE YOUR GOLF SWING— Are you training to win your next golf tournament? The secret to improving your golf swing is to get instant feedback. Now you can use your Golf Cell Phone Clip to record your swing, and then immediately review every detail... alignment, foot movement, swing path, and contact.
  • ⛳ SHARE THE PROOF OF YOUR SUCCESS! Realistically chart your progress by recording your swings. Always have video footage to share on social media or with your coaches.
  • 🏌THE EASIEST WAY TO GET GREAT VIDEO FOOTAGE! Now you can get stable video footage of your golf swing without having to ask random strangers with “shaky hands” to film you.
  • ⛳ SMART PRACTICE = PERFECT RESULTS You know the old saying that “practice makes perfect,” but only if you are continuously improving while you practice. It is so powerful to see what you are doing in real-time, and then instantly improve. Enjoy exponential improvement in your golf game!
  • 🏌THE PERFECT GIFT FOR GOLF ENTHUSIASTS! If you are looking for an amazing gift for that special golfer in your life, then you found the ultimate golfing accessory! It fits all phone sizes, easily fits in your golf bag, and quickly snaps to any golf alignment stick or club shaft!
  • Recording Swing System, Easy set up to use in seconds, Works on all ground surfaces
  • Adapts to all smart phone sizes with our innovative clip-on design, Best golf equipment to improve your golf swing!
  • Attaches to all types of golf bags (Standing and Tour Bags) and fits all standard aim sticks and golf clubs
  • Ability to film and capture every swing with total stability (no shaking)
  • Alignment sticks sold SEPARATELY

Impress Your Friends with Your Improved Swing!

Are you ready to shock your friends with your skills on your next round of golf? You can make quick and impressive improvement to your swing by using the Golf Cell Phone Clip to quickly access and transform your swing! Prepare to become a master!

Simple Setup Instructions:

Step 1) Slide the fastener nut over the ball on the end of the clip. The threaded portion of the fastener nut should be facing towards the ball.

Step 2) Insert the ball of the clip into the hole on the back of the holder, and push until you hear a pop.

Step 3) Pull the fastener nut forward to the threaded ring on the backside of the holder, and then tighten.

Step 4) Attach your cell clip holder to any alignment stick or golf club shaft.

**Alignment Stick is Not Included with Your Purchase.
Step 5) Set your iPhone or Android phone inside the Cell Clip Holder. Open your video app, and enjoy watching back helpful video footage of your swing.

A Few Reasons You’ll Love Your Golf Cell Phone Clip

✅ Helps You Improve Your Golf Skills Quickly

✅ Works with Any iPhone or Android Phone

✅ Can Be Used for Any Location

✅ Extremely Durable Design

✅ Lightweight and Portable to Fit in Your Golf Bag

✅ Great for Beginner and Professional Golfers

✅ Enjoy Clear and Stable Video Footage of Your Swing

✅ Easy-to-Use

✅ Great Gift Idea for Golfers



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35% OFF For The Next 100 People!

FREE Shippping worldwide


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