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Golf Posture Corrector Band


Why Buy This Product?

Improve your golf handicap with this Golf Posture Corrector Band. Proven to add greater power and accuracy to your golf swing. 

✅ Gives immediate feedback when your right knee moves forward to the target prematurely during the initial downswing.

 Establishes and maintains proper distance between your left foot and the right knee

✅ Corrects problems with reverse pivot and weight shift.

✅ Corrects problems with reverse pivot and weight shift

✅ Can be reversed to practice swinging against a 'firm left side'

✅ Get a consistent arc in your swing for greater power and accuracy

✅ Perfect for golf training at home or at the practice range.




  • BREATHABLE MATERIAL: Made of premium elastic Nylon, this Golf Posture Corrector Band is breathable, which greatly help you maintain the best posture.
  • FOR LEFT-HANDED&RIGHT-HANDED PLAYERS: Our Golf Posture Corrector Band also fit for left-handed and right-handed players.In addition, it suits for both male men and women.
  • Ultra tear-resistant and abrasion-resistant, extremely durable in use
  • Size: approx. 39 X 7 cm/15.35 X 2.76"


What Package Includes:

  • (1) Golf Posture Corrector Band