Guitar Capo Fit for 6 and 12 String Acoustic Classical Electric Guitar,Bass,Mandolin,Banjos,Ukulele All Types String Instrument, Black

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  • ✔︎ Versatile - Rubber A Length 61mm, Flat Rubber for Classical Guitar ; Rubber B Length 57mm,Curved Rubber for Acoustic Guitar. This Capo also Fit for less stringed instruments:Ukulele/Bass/Banjo/Mandolin.It is the ONE capo can fits all types string instrument.
  • ✔ Dual Protective Silicone Rubber Pads - Seamless twist Ensure no sharp points to damage your Instrument & protect your guitar against wear and scratches.
  • ✔ Micrometer Adjustment Tension - Assures higher performance at every Fret. Large adjustable knurled tension knob for precise control of Tension. The enough width clamp let you precise control to keep strings in tune.
  • ✔ Premium Material - Lightweight aircraft grade zinc-alloy body with super smooth finish & Strong steel spring for long-time use.
  • ✔ What YOU Get – Life time warranty ,so don’t worry to try this special one .With our capo in hand, you can play any string instrument with it.

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Universal capo design story:

A musician friend who always complain with us on capos,cause he has several capos and also several different types guitars.

Before play,he always need time to find the right one. So he wants a real universal capo in the market.

With his requirement and need,we design this U type real universal capo for all the guitar players.

Now there is no complain from my friend ever on capo,cause he has our universal capo.

It's goal to solve all musicians little problems.

All the musicians or guitar players deserve the best,and make the music fly..

Rock & Roll

Universal Capo --Fit All of Your Guitar.

One Capo Fit all types Guitars,Save Your Money Now!


  • With this capo,it can fit all your types guitars.


No need to buy several capos for different types guitars.

The perfect tension and tuning for everyone to try.

Two different length Rubber for different guitars.


  • Rubber A Long Flat 2.40 inches(61 mm),is perfect for Classical Guitar.
  • Rubber B Radius/Curved 2.24 inches(57 mm), is perfect for Acoustic Guitar.


Caution: can't use wrong arm on the guitars,or there is some buzz. Have a check before put on the guitar.

Once you have it,you will love it.                      ​

Micrometer Adjustable Tension.


  • Made by Premium-Grade Zinc Alloy.
  • Strong Steel Spring for Super Long-Time Use. 
  • Protective Silicone Pads for guitars. 
  • Color:Black

Extremely high demand: expect 1-3 weeks for it to arrive (to be safe). Limit 3 per person!

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