JumpTransform Fretboard Sticker Set

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No more plain old boring dotted fretboard! The time has come to progress and custom our instruments to look the way we want them to look!

Do you know those amazing custom-designed guitars on social media? The ones that we can drool on for hours in guitar stores until we get kicked out? all those crazy looking designs and amazing templates that you just don't see on most guitars.

Well, now us regular people can get that look for our existing instruments. JumpGuitar Fretboard Sticker-Set can and will apply the same breath-taking effect on your guitar! 

By placing the pieces across the fretboard, a beautiful design will be formed, that will hide the existing dots and project a unique, luxurious feel to your guitar, and all with 
less than 10 minutes of installation time!

With innovative and creative designs combined with an ultra-thin width and an authentic look, even you won't be able to tell the difference!


Key Advantages:
  • Look like REAL Inlays!
  • Fits classic, electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitar and ukulele.
  • Can endure banding, pressure and aggressive playing without any damage.
  • Does not damage sound whatsoever!
  • Ultra-thin and doesn't get caught up in the strings
  • Leaves no damage or adhesive marks when removed
  • finger ease spray or lemon oil can be used