Reflective Trim Horse

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  • DESIGNED WITH YOUR HORSE’S COMFORT IN MIND - our fly masks are designed with fleece edging to prevent rubs, eye darts that prevent the mesh of the mask from irritating your horse’s eyes, and non-heat transferring fabric.
  • BLOCKS UP TO 75% OF HARMFUL UV RAYS - this fly mask is made from materials that are designed to block up to 75% of harmful UV rays. This mask ideal for both average horses and light colored/blue eyed horses who are sun sensitive.
  • INNOVATIVE FRINGE DESIGN - this fly mask features an innovative nose fringe design that keeps your fly mask open, breathable, and out of the way while your horse eats and drinks while still protecting them from biting pests.
  • PROTECTS YOUR HORSE FROM PESTS - this fly mask is designed to keep flies and other biting pests away from your horse’s ears, face, and eyes, as well as shield your horse’s eyes and sensitive facial skin from harsh sunlight and harmful UV rays.


  • Derby Reflective Fly Mask with Ears & Nose Fringes
    Ultimate Safety & Protection for your Horse
    We're always thinking of ways to better improve your horse's life and end frustrations.

    Meet our reflective fly mask! It not only provides comfort but also provides style.
    Shade and protect your horse from flying pests and the sun. This fly mask blocks 75% of the harmful UV rays that can damage your horses sensitive soft tissues and eyes.

Extra Fine Mesh Visor

The visor section of the fly mask features extra fine mesh. This mesh material is durable, comfortable, enables the horse to have ultimate visibility while wearing the mask, and protects the horses sensitive skin and eyes against 75% of the suns harmful UV rays.

Velcro Chin Closure with Elastic

The chin closure on this fly mask features a heavy duty Velcro layered design with elastic to ensure the mask stays in place and fits snug on the horses face.

Smooth & Soft Nylon and Fleece

The edges of the mask feature soft fleece padding to allow your horse to wear the mask for long periods of time comfortably and to prevent sores and rubs. The mask also features a soft nylon material around the chin and soft mesh around the ears and top of the mask for additional comfort.

Fringes Provide Intrusive-free Protection

The nose portion of the fly mask features soft nylon fringe to ask as a natural, gentle fly 'swatter'. Your horses movements during time outdoors move the fringes which prevent the flies from landing on your horses face. The fringes allow for a greater amount of airflow when compared to a traditional mesh nose cover.

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35% OFF For The Next 100 People!

FREE Shippping worldwide


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